Creative and well-designed marketing collateral will ensure that you company gets the attention it requires. We assist you with the creation of captivating marketing collateral that will get you noticed while staying true to your company’s image and philosophy.
These Include
* Brochures * Posters * Flyers * Magazines * Promotional materials


While the internet has revolutionized the world of marketing, traditional marketing channels are still powerful means of communication. Used in conjunction with web solution, print solution create the perfect marketing combination to get your message out. Palette Point Solutions has the technology and creativity to propel you print materials to the next level
Our printing solutions include:  * Photography * Large format printing * Digital printing * Branding * Bulk photocopy * General printing


At Palette Point Solutions we help you create an image that resonates with your business philosophy and your company identity. Whether its marketing collateral or custom piece like illustrations, we are confident that we create designs that stay true to your company that captivate your audience.
These includes
* Creative logo designs * Letter heads * Envelopes 

Web Development

In today’s world online presence is not an option but way of survival. At Palette Point Solutions we can help you stay up-to-date by helping you create a Custom Website If already online we help you make most of your website. Take advantage of our many web services to make sure you’re ahead of the competition:

Software Solutions

Palette point solutions abreast with the latest technological developments, offers a range of service delivery and business & operations support systems. These solutions enable the generation of new revenue streams and the continuous improvement of customer experience. The Company is offering competitive Telco Software solutions portfolio based on own and 3rd party products


Accurate accounting is a key to making sure your business is compliant and your obligations are fulfilled at all times. But we believe effective accounting should go far beyond mere compliance. Therefore our goal is to provide you with accounting services that are much more than you have expected and which will support your business to truly grow and flourish.
These are our services
        * Bookkeeping services
        * Filing Tax Return (I-Tax services)
        * Payroll services
        * Auditing services

Our Trusted Clients

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