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We are a leading  website design and development firm in Nairobi, Kenya helping clients engage with specific target markets by creating solutions and campaigns that connect with the audience. We dig deeper into emerging technologies. We must be doing something right as we have launched successful Websites, Web Applications, E-commerce stores and Web Portals. The major factor behind our success is that we focus on not just delivering a Website or Web Application but on delivering a project that works for your business.


Due to the rapid evolution of technology and people becoming more internet savvy, online stores and business transactions have become the trend. If you are thinking of going digital with your business, we will provide you with a suitable platform to cater for your business goals and objectives.

Website From Scratch

If you don’t have a website, Palette Point Solutions has the expertise that will help you gather all the necessary requirements to develop one.

WeSocial Media Marketing

 We develop social media tools that communicate effectively with your audience gaining market insights and demonstrate personality to increase customer loyalty hence boosting your sales.

Web Optimization

Our search engine optimization ensures that you receive relevant targeted visits from across all major web browsers and search engines. We engage different aspects of SEO, simplifying the process and delivering results.

Domain Buying

We offer a variety of domain names from .org, .com, .biz and co.ke among others. We not only buy a domain for you, but we also get to understand your business first hence able to advise on the most appropriate domain name for your business.

Domain/ Web Hosting

We provide quality and affordable hosting services for start-ups and Established businesses. We lay more emphasis on enhancing data security hence keeping your business information safe and secure while ensuring 99.99% uptime.

Web Design

This is an art that is perfected by practice and at Palette Point Solutions we are proud to possess not only the skills of creating presentations of content (Websites) but also the experience, our work speaks for itself.

Web Development

As Palette Point Solutions we have a unique technique of approaching web development. There are four phases involved: Discovery, Creative, Technical and Review, which ensures that nothing is missed out: all planning and design is thorough and successful.

Content Management Systems

We deliver web content management sites that do not require you to have technical knowledge of any web programming language to manage your site. They are affordable, easy to use and customize with a comprehensively controlled system.

Redesign Existing

In Kenya Palette Point Solutions is one of the IT firms that gives state-of-the-art web designs for companies and organizations that need a new look for their existing site.

What else we provide?

Internet Marketing

Our certified team can run ad campaigns on Facebook, Google, Bing and Twitter.


We can help the search engines find your pages and get them in front of your audience.

Website Support

Your website needs care and support to perform at it's best.